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Is Arrow on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

A very well-known The CW network action-adventure-crime TV series is Arrow. It has been here since October 10, 2012 having premiered on The CW network.

To this date, this series has 5 seasons and 96 episodes. Its fans have been asking: Is Arrow on Netflix?

About Arrow Series

This series depicts the story of Oliver Queen. He was a billionaire once. Due to a storm, his luxury yacht sinks in the sea.

His father dies but he manages to survive. For 5 years, he remain trapped in an island. He learns to survive and fight.

He also learns about his father’s corruption and unethical business deals. When he returns home, he decides to change everything.

Starring in the series are

  • Stephen Amell (as Oliver Queen)
  • David Ramsey (as John Diggle)
  • Willa Holland (as Thea Queen)
  • Paul Blackthorne (as Quentin Lance)
  • Emily Bett Rickards (as Felicity Smoak)

Awards Won by Arrow Series

This series has been nominated for many awards for its drama, visual effects and fantasy.

In total, the series has 7 award wins and 34 award nominations. It has been nominated for many Academy for Science awards.

Hilarious Quotes from Arrow

  • “When you are in charge, everything that your team does is on you… and I trust my team.”
  • “The recruits didn’t get to see the real you because you showed them this angry guy in a mask.”
  • “It’s really sweet you think that I can be replaced.”
  • “They’re leaving because of their own personal darkness. I can’t help but think that they were infected by mine.”
  • “You’re at war with two sides of yourself.”
  • “Fifteen minutes till the end of the world, and you want to spend them with me. I am touched.”
  • “Living in Star City requires a special kind of tenacity. A sane person wouldn’t live here.”
  • “Usually in these situations, you’re the one offering hope.”
  • “I’m now powered by the deaths of tens of thousands of souls. There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Details about Arrow TV series

Season 1: 23 Episodes (October 10, 2012 – May 15, 2013) to

Season 5: 23 Episodes (October 5, 2016 – TBA)

Now to your question:

Since you are here, I assume you did not find Arrow on Netflix.

Is Arrow on Netflix US?

All 5 seasons are available.

Is Arrow on Netflix Canada?


Is Arrow on Netflix UK?


Is Arrow on Netflix Australia?

First 3 seasons with all episodes are available to stream.

Here and here are the Wikipedia and IMDB pages of this series respectively for your details. Let us know what you think about Arrow series by far.

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