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Is The Blacklist on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

A very well-known NBC network crime-thriller TV series is The Blacklist. It has been here since September 23, 2013 having premiered on NBC.

To this date, this series has 4 seasons and 74 episodes. And, fans have been asking: Why isn’t The Blacklist on Netflix?

About The Blacklist Series

Elizabeth lives happily with her husband Tom. She is fresh at FBI. Now, a mysterious criminal Raymond wants to help FBI.

He promises to deliver many criminals. Many of them which are unknown to agency. But, he only wants to do it through Elizabeth.

Who is Raymond? Why is he only talking to her? Why is he helping FBI? These all answers be uncovered in the series.

Starring in the series are

  • James Spader (as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington)
  • Megan Boone (as Elizabeth Keen)
  • Diego Klattenhoff (as Donald Ressler)
  • Harry Lennix (as Harold Cooper)
  • Ryan Eggold (as Tom Keen)

Awards Won by The Blacklist Series

This series has been nominated for many awards for its stunt coordination, acting and action.

In total, the series has 2 award wins and 19 award nominations. This series has been nominated for 2 Golden Globe awards.

Hilarious Quotes from The Blacklist

  • “Belief is such a relative concept.”
  • “Is that why you’re calling me? For dating advice?”
  • “It’s this place. You never know where you stand with anyone. If they’ll be there for you when you need them.”
  • “I don’t hate you, Liz. But I do hate what you did.”
  • “I will die before you ever hold my granddaughter again.”
  • “Regret requires age or wisdom.”
  • “Wisdom is learning the boundaries of one’s designated lane.”
  • “What if I were to tell you that all the things you come to believe about yourself are a lie.”
  • “But if I die. You’ll never know the truth about your husband.”

Details about The Blacklist TV series

Season 1: 22 Episodes (September 23, 2013 – May 12, 2014) to

Season 4: TBA Episodes (September 22, 2016 – TBA)

Now, coming back to answer your question:

I think you are here because you did not find The Blacklist on Netflix. True?

Is The Blacklist on Netflix US?

Yes. First 3 seasons. Fourth seasons is running right now, so it will be added later.

Is The Blacklist on Netflix Canada?


Is The Blacklist on Netflix UK?

No, not available.

Is The Blacklist on Netflix Australia?

Ya. First 3 seasons with all the episodes.

For die-hard The Blacklist fans we will keep this list fresh. The Wikipedia page of The Blacklist series is here.

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