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Is American Horror Story on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

American Horror Story is an American anthology horror-thriller-drama TV series. The first season was premiered on FX on September 14, 2016.

To this date, this series has 6 seasons and 70 episodes. Due to its popularity, fans have been asking: Isn’t American Horror Story on Netflix?

About American Horror Story Series

Being an anthology series, this show has new story and new cast every season. First season revolves around a haunted house.

Second season revolves around a man who killed several women including his wife. These stories might freak you out!

Starring in the series are

  • Evan Peters (as Jimmy Darling)
  • Sarah Paulson (as Bette Tattler)
  • Denis O’Hare (as Spalding)
  • Jessica Lange (as Elsa Mars)
  • Kathy Bates (as Ethel Darling)
  • Lily Rabe (as Sister Mary Eunice McKee)

Awards Won by American Horror Story Series

This series has been nominated for many awards for its acting, makeup, costumes, hairstyling and special visual effects.

In total, the series has 94 award wins and 263 award nominations. It has also won 2 Golden Globe awards.

Hilarious Quotes from American Horror Story

  • “The bad guy’s always the lead on every show. Now let me ask you something else, judgmental motherfuckers. What’s more important than screentime? Huh?”
  • “This camera is my story. People are going to know I did not lie.”
  • “I am the tree and the lightning that strikes it.”
  • “We thought that doing the show would be a healing experience. Maybe help us process everything. It just made us relive it all.”
  • “Believe me, Mr. Joe, I’m not like any household help you’ve known. You’ll never want to leave this house.”
  • “I’m finding it really hard to look at your face because I really, really want to bash it in.”
  • “I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things.”
  • “Are you crazy? I never loved you. I endured you. For the sake of my family.”

Details about American Horror Story TV series

Season 1: 12 Episodes (October 5, 2011 – December 21, 2011) to

Season 6: 10 Episodes (September 14, 2016 – November 16, 2016)

Let’s come back to answer your question about this series:

I can safely say that, if you are here, you did not find American Horror Story on Netflix. Am I right?

Is American Horror Story on Netflix US?

Yes. First 5 seasons are available.

Is American Horror Story on Netflix Canada?

No. This series is not available in your region.

Is American Horror Story on Netflix UK?

First 4 seasons with all episodes.

Is American Horror Story on Netflix Australia?

First 4 seasons are available for you to stream.

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