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Is Mad Men on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

Are you looking for Mad Men on Netflix? I must say that you have found the right page. Mad Men is an American period-drama TV series. The first season was premiered on AMC on July 19, 2007.

To this date, this series has 7 seasons and 92 episodes. And, fans of Mad Men have been asking: Is Mad Men on Netflix?

About Mad Men Series

This series revolves around Donald Draper. He is a talented advertising executive in an advertising firm of Madison Avenue.

Donald had a troubled childhood and this is what shaped his adult life. His confidence masks the insecurities he has. How he handles the negative aspects of his life is shown in the series.

Starring in the series are

  • Jon Hamm (as Don Draper)
  • Elisabeth Moss (as Peggy Olson)
  • Vincent Kartheiser (as Pete Campbell)
  • January Jones (as Betty Francis)
  • Christina Hendricks (as Joan Harris)

Awards Won by Mad Men Series

This series has won awards for its writing, casting, hairstyling and makeup. It has won 5 golden globe awards.

In total, the series has 135 award wins and 363 award nominations. It is also #110 Top rated TV show right now.

Hilarious Quotes from Mad Men

  • “Now try not to be overwhelmed by all this technology. It looks complicated but the men who designed it made it simple enough for a woman to use.”
  • “The reason you haven’t felt is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me…to sell nylons.”
  • “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”
  • “This is America; pick a job and become the person who does it.”
  • “No one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man. Don’t even try. Be a woman. Powerful business when done correctly.”

Details about Mad Men TV series

Season 1: 13 Episodes (July 19, 2007 – October 18, 2007)

Season 7: 14 Episodes (April 13, 2014 – May 17, 2015)

Now, let’s see how Mad Men is doing across various Netflix regions:

Is Mad Men on Netflix US?

Available. All 7 seasons with all the episodes are available for US subscribers.

Is Mad Men on Netflix Canada?

Yes. Available.

Is Mad Men on Netflix UK?

No. Bad news for UK Subscribers.

Is Mad Men on Netflix Australia?

Yes, available for you to stream.

Here is the Wikipedia page of this TV series. We will keep this page updated and let us know your thoughts about this show.

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