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Is Shameless on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

Shameless is an American comedy-drama TV series. The first season was premiered on Showtime on January 9, 2011.

It is remake of the British TV series Shameless. The series is set in Chicago, but it was filmed in Los Angeles.

To this date, this series has 7 seasons and 76 episodes. From the start of Shameless series fans have been asking: Is Shameless on Netflix? Let’s take a detailed look at this series first.

About Shameless Series

This show is about abnormal Gallagher family. Frank, who drinks mostly, is a single father of 6 children. His wife left him a long time ago.

The children try to cope with their alcoholic father as best as they can. Witty lines and comedy is the core of this show. Entertaining!

Starring in the series are

  • William H. Macy (as Frank Gallagher)
  • Emmy Rossum (as Fiona Gallagher)
  • Ethan Cutkosky (as Carl Gallagher)
  • Shanola Hampton (as Veronica Fisher)
  • Jeremy Allen White (as Lip Gallagher)
  • Steve Howey (as Kevin Ball)

Awards Won by Shameless Series

This series has won many awards for its acting, directing, writing and drama. This show has been nominated for 1 Golden Globe award.

In total, the series has 9 award wins and 53 award nominations. It is also #102 Top rated TV show right now.

Hilarious Quotes from Shameless

  • “I believe in a force that thinks it’s greater than myself.”
  • “The best gift you can give is neglect. Neglect fosters self-reliance.”
  • “The bat is for killing, not playing.”
  • “Doctors are thieves, they just have degrees to keep them out of jail.”
  • “They call it distance learning. Know what I call it? Discrimination.”
  • “You have no money yet you’re going into a grocery store. Interesting.”
  • “This is bible study Kevin. We’re here to praise Jesus, not ask him for favors.”

Details about Shameless TV series

Season 1: 12 Episodes (January 9, 2011 – March 27, 2011)

Season 7: 12 Episodes (October 2, 2016 – December 18, 2016)

Let’s come back to your question:

Since you are here, it means you did not locate Shameless on Netflix. Let’s take a look at each Netflix region:

Is Shameless on Netflix US?

Yes. First 6 seasons are available to stream.

Is Shameless on Netflix Canada?

Not available to stream on Canada region.

Is Shameless on Netflix UK?

Shameless is not available to stream on Netflix UK.

Is Shameless on Netflix Australia?

This series is available for Netflix Australia.

Here is the Wikipedia page of Shameless series. Critics as well as fans have appreciated this show. Many episodes of this show has 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Anyway, let us know what you think about this show. Do you like the original UK series more or the US one?

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