Downton Abbey on netflix

Is Downton Abbey on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

Downton Abbey is a British-American historical-period-drama TV series. The first season was premiered on ITV (in UK) on September 26, 2010 and on PBS (in US) on January 9, 2011.

This series has 6 seasons and 52 episodes. If you are asking “Is Downton Abbey on Netflix?”, then let me assure you that you will find the answer here.

About Downton Abbey Series

This show depicts the life of an upper-class aristocratic Crawley family between 1912 and 1925.

It shows the struggle of this upper class family in contrast to the servants in their service during great historical events.

Starring in the series are

  • Hugh Bonneville (as Robert Crawley)
  • Laura Carmichael (as Lady Edith Crawley)
  • Jim Carter (as Charles Carson)
  • Brendan Coyle (as John Bates)
  • Michelle Dockery (as Lady Mary Crawley)
  • Joanne Froggatt (as Anna Bates)

Awards Won by Downton Abbey Series

This series has won many awards for its acting, hair-styling, directing, writing, casting and costumes. It has won 3 Golden Globe Awards.

In total, the series has 55 award wins and 202 award nominations. It is also #101 Top rated TV show right now which it fairly deserves.

Hilarious Quotes from Downton Abbey

  • “I was right about my maid. She’s leaving — to get married! How could she be so selfish?”
  • “In my day a Lady was incapable of feeling physical attraction, until she had been instructed to do so by her Mama.”
  • “I do think a woman’s place is eventually in the home, but I see no harm in her having some fun before she gets there.”
  • “First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel.”
  • “Principles are like prayers; noble, of course, but awkward at a party.”
  • “You know me: never complain, never explain.”
  • “The presence of strangers is our only guarantee of good behaviour.”
  • “Hope is a tease, designed to prevent us accepting reality.”
  • “What is a weekend?”
  • “You’ve lived your life, and I’ve lived mine. Now it’s time we live them together.”
  • “I have to take one thing for granted, that I will love you until the last breath leaves my body.”

Details about Downton Abbey TV series

Season 1: 7 Episodes (September 26, 2010 – November 7, 2010)

Season 6: 8 Episodes (September 20, 2015 – November 8, 2015) (+1 Christmas special episode on December 25, 2015)

Well, let’s come back to your question:

I know you are here because you could not find Downton Abbey on Netflix. Let’s take a look at various Netflix regions:

Is Downton Abbey on Netflix US?

No. None of the 6 seasons are available to stream.

Is Downton Abbey on Netflix Canada?

Available. But only first 5 seasons are available.

Is Downton Abbey on Netflix UK?

Bad news for UK Subscribers. This show is not available to stream.

Is Downton Abbey on Netflix Australia?

Yes. First 5 seasons with all episodes.

The Wikipedia page of this show is here. Let us know your opinion about the show in comment section.

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