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Is Rick and Morty on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

Rick and Morty is an American animated-sci-fi-comedy TV series. The first season was premiered on Adult Swim (programming block of Cartoon Network) on December 2, 2013.

The tagline “Science makes sense, family doesn’t.” fits this show very well. There is a hilarious mixture of wittiness, slapstick and action ultimately making it one of the best cartoon show.

To this date, this series has 2 seasons and 21 episodes. This show is also popular among adult fans and they have been asking: Is Rick and Morty on Netflix?

About Rick and Morty Series

This story revolves around Rick who is a drunken scientific genius. He takes his not-so-genius grandson and granddaughter on dangerous adventures.

Rick has different point of views on school, marriage and even love. He looks at everything from a science point of view which is funny at times.

Starring in the series are

Being an animated TV series, the actors have just given their voice. Here goes the list:

  • Justin Roiland (as Rick)
  • Chris Parnell (as Jerry)
  • Spencer Grammer (as Summer)
  • Sarah Chalke (as Beth)
  • Kari Wahlgren (as Jessica)

Awards Won by Rick and Morty Series

In total, the series has 4 award wins and 7 award nominations. It is also #7 Top rated TV show right now which is remarkable for a fresh TV series.

Hilarious Quotes from Rick and Morty

  • “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
  • “Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you but what people call ‘love’ is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.”
  • “I’ll tell you how I feel about school, Jerry: it’s a waste of time. Bunch of people runnin’ around bumpin’ into each other, got a guy up front says, ‘2 + 2,’ and the people in the back say, ‘4.’ Then the bell rings and they give you a carton of milk and a piece of paper that says you can go take a dump or somethin’. I mean, it’s not a place for smart people, Jerry. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s my two cents on the issue.”
  • “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV?”
  • “Sometimes science is a lot more art than science. A lot of people don’t get that.”
  • “Having a family does not mean that you stop being an individual.”
  • “I like to dance on the graves of my enemies.”
  • “I’m sorry Summer, your opinion means very little to me.”
  • “Lemme hear everybody say hey-yo! All the ladies say yeaaah! Everybody over thirty do this with your hand! Everybody with a red shirt jump up and down! Yo, everyone whose first name begins with an L who isn’t hispanic, walk in a circle the same number of times as the square root of your age times teeenn!”
  • “You’re not gonna believe this, because it usually never happens, but I made a mistake.”
  • “What’s my purpose?” “You pass Butter.”

Details about Rick and Morty TV series

Season 1: 11 Episodes (December 2, 2013 – April 14, 2014)

Season 2: 10 Episodes (July 26, 2015 – October 4, 2015)

Now, let me answer your question regarding this series:

I assume you are here because you did not find Rick and Morty on Netflix. Let’s take a look at each Netflix region for Rick and Morty.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix US?

No. It is not available to stream.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix Canada?

Not available. The series is not accessible on Netflix Canada.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix UK?

Bad news for UK Subscribers. Rick and Morty are not available to stream on Netflix UK.

Is Rick and Morty on Netflix Australia?

Yes. All seasons with all episodes.

This is a great series from the family perspective and small children as well as adults like it. The humor keeps the fun and action is funny too.

Here is the Wiki page of Rick and Morty TV series. Let us know your favorite episodes from this show in comments.

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