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Is True Blood on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

True Blood is an American dark-fantasy-horror TV series. The first season was premiered on HBO on September 7, 2008 and concluded on August 24, 2014.

To this date, this series has 7 seasons and 80 episodes. And, being popular among fans, they have been asking: Is True Blood on Netflix? We will answer it in a moment.

About True Blood Series

This series revolves around Sookie. She can read the minds of people and is a waitress at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.

She meets Bill who is a 173 years old vampire and returns to his former home. The vampire community has divided into two groups.

One group wants to integrate into human society, want citizenship and equal rights etc. Another group thinks human and vampire should live distant.

This show presses issues like equal rights, violence against minorities, power of religion and importance of family.

Starring in the series are

  • Anna Paquin (as Sookie Stackhouse)
  • Stephen Moyer (as Bill Compton)
  • Sam Trammell (as Sam Merlotte)
  • Ryan Kwanten (as Jason Stackhouse)
  • Rutina Wesley (as Tara Thornton)
  • Chris Bauer (as Andy Bellefleur)

Awards Won by True Blood Series

This series has won many awards for its prosthetic makeup, art-direction, sound editing and casting. This show has won 1 Golden Globe award.

In total, the series has 34 award wins and 135 award nominations. It has been nominated for many Primetime Emmy awards.

Hilarious Quotes from True Blood

  • “Maybe Jesus was the first vampire. Man, he rose from the dead too, and he told people, ‘Hey y’all, drink my blood, it’ll give you special powers’.”
  • “You are not our equals. We will eat you. After we eat your children.”
  • “I never killed nothing by accident!”
  • “God doesn’t have to lead our lives and he doesn’t have to walk in our shoes.”
  • “Death is scary. I’ve been avoiding it for a thousand years.”
  • “I care about very few people in this world. A small handful of vampires and you.”
  • “Whatever this is. Whatever you’re doin. You don’t get to hide behind the word fate.”
  • “You don’t know me that well. My angry face and my happy face are the same.”
  • “When a good thing gets destroyed, that’s the definition of unfair to me.”
  • “We don’t know how much time we got left, it doesn’t seem worth it to spend it with someone you don’t love.”
  • “You never get over the loss of someone you love, you just learn to deal with it.”
  • “I’ve had about 100 boyfriends die on me over the years but I remember how painful those first few ones were.”

Details about True Blood TV series

Season 1: 12 Episodes (September 7, 2008 – November 23, 2008)

Season 7: 10 Episodes (June 22, 2014 – August 24, 2014)

Now, for your question: Is True Blood on Netflix?

No, it is not on Netflix.

Why isn’t True Blood on Netflix?

True Blood is an HBO series. HBO and Netflix are competitors. Netflix don’t allow HBO to stream their shows and HBO don’t allow Netflix to stream their shows.

Just like Game of Thrones and other HBO shows, True Blood is not available on Netflix instant.

However, you can rent this show on Netflix DVD and Blu-ray for a monthly fees of $4.99. All 7 seasons are available on Netflix DVD.

Or you can buy a HBO subscriptions. HBO has great shows in their arsenal and a HBO subscription will be worth it.

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