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Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix Anymore?

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix Anymore?” How many times did you search it on Netflix?

A great series from Syfy is the American military-science-fiction series Battlestar Galactica.

It is favorite among the fans for being deep and mystery.

This serial has 4 Seasons and total of 75 Episodes.

Ever since the start of the series, fans have been looking to find out:

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and if not why not?

About Battlestar Galactica Series

Before we get to that part, for those not aware:

Battlestar Galactica is smartly crafted sci-fi series.

An old enemy (the Cylons) rise and destroy 12 colonies.

Few survivors, the crew of Battlestar Galactica search for the mythical planet Earth.

Starring in the Series are

Edward James Olmos (as William Adama)

Jamie Bamber (as Lee Adama)

Katee Sackhoff (as Kara Thrace)

James Callis (as Gaius Baltar)

Michael Hogan (as Colonel Tigh)

Nicki Clyne (as Cally Tyrol)

Kate Vernon (as Ellen Tigh)

Awards And Nominations

All 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica received strong critical acclaims. It was particularly for its directing, acting and Special Visual Effects.

The show was nominated for many Primetime Emmy Awards and AFI Awards.

This series has 35 award wins and 76 nominations.

Details about Battlestar Galactica Series

Season 1: 13 Episodes (January 15, 2005 – April 1, 2005)

Season 2: 20 Episodes (July 15, 2005 – March 10, 2006)

Season 3: 20 Episodes (October 6, 2006 – March 25, 2007)

Season 4: 20 Episodes (April 4, 2008 – March 20, 2009)

Now, coming to your question:

You are reading this because you have already searched for Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. And you could not find anything.

Here’s how the Battlestar Galactica series is doing across various Netflix regions:

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix US?

Bad News for US Subscribers. Battlestar Galactica is not available on the US network.

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix Canada?

Similar news here. Battlestar Galactica is currently not available on the Canada network.

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix UK?

Good news for UK Subscribers. Battlestar Galactica is available for streaming on Netflix UK.

Is Battlestar Galactica on Netflix Australia?

No. Battlestar Galactica is currently not available on the Australia network as of this writing.

We will keep this list updated. If Battlestar Galactica hits or leaves Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada and Netflix Australia.

Here is the Wikipedia Page of the series.

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