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Is Sleepy Hollow on Netflix Anymore? (Netflix US, UK, Canada)

Created by Alex Kurtzman, Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural drama TV series.

It was premiered on September 16, 2013 on Fox and on April 8, 2016 its 3rd season has successfully ended.

It is favorite among fans for its horror and action. From the start of the series, people have been searching it on Netflix.

About Sleepy Hollow Series

Before we get to your question – for those who don’t know:

This series is based on the novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.

In this series, a headless horseman is awakened. With him Ichabod Crane also gets awaked. They both were killed in 1781.

But now in 2013, headless horseman is killing people. Ichabod is telling everyone the truth, but people don’t believe him.

Now, it is upon him to save the people. Two police officers are also investigating their part.

Starring in the series are:

  • Tom Mison (as Ichabod Crane)
  • Nicole Beharie (as Abbie Mills)
  • Lyndie Greenwood (as Jenny Mills)
  • Orlando Jones (as Frank Irving)
  • Katia Winter (as Katrina Crane)
  • John Noble (as Henry Parrish)

Awards Won by Sleepy Hollow Series

All the seasons of Sleepy Hollow has received favorable reviews from critics. It has been nominated for many awards.

The most popular nomination being Primetime Emmy. It is nominated for its acting, fantasy and visual effects.

In total, this series has been nominated for 30 awards, but has not won the awards. Sad thing for a series this good.

Details about Sleepy Hollow series:

Season 1: 13 Episodes (September 16, 2013 – January 20, 2014)

Season 2: 18 Episodes (September 22, 2014 – February 23, 2015)

Season 3: 18 Episodes (October 1, 2015 – April 8, 2016)

Now, let’s see how Sleepy Hollow is doing across various Netflix regions:

Is Sleepy Hollow on Netflix US?

No, Sleepy Hollow is not available on netflix.

Is Sleepy Hollow on Netflix UK?

Similar news, not available.

Is Sleepy Hollow on Netflix Canada?

Similar news here — Sleepy Hollow seasons are not available for streaming on Netflix Canada.

Is Sleepy Hollow on Netflix Australia?

Bad news as the series isn’t currently on Netflix Australia.

We’ll keep you posted if Sleepy Hollow comes to: Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, and Netflix Australia.

Right now Sleepy Hollow is available on Netflix France, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Germany.

Still no need to worry. This series is available on Netflix DVD to rent for you. You can rent and enjoy it.

OR you can hide your IP address and watch it. Here is the Wikipedia page of this series.

Anyway, what do you think about Sleepy Hollow series. Let us know through comments.

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