South Park on netflix

Is South Park on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

A very well-known Comedy Central network adult-animated-sitcom TV series is South Park. It has been here since August 13, 1997.

To this date, this series has 20 seasons and 273 episodes. And, fans have been asking: Is South Park on Netflix?

About South Park Series

This show depicts the adventures of 4 fourth grade boys and their views of everything around them.

This show can make anyone its fan and once a fan you will not be able to stop watching this show. It is funny obviously and honest about day-today things.

Starring in the series are

  • Trey Parker (as Stan Marsh)
  • Matt Stone (as Kyle Broflovski)
  • Mona Marshall (as Sheila Broflovski)
  • April Stewart (as Sharon Marsh)
  • Isaac Hayes (as Chef)

Awards Won by South Park Series

This series has been nominated for many awards for best animation series. This series has won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards.

In total, the series has 15 award wins and 72 award nominations. It is also #56 Top rated TV show right now.

Hilarious Quotes from South Park

  • “That little fat kid is getting annoying. Let’s get rid of him.”
  • “Okay, listen up! We have the obligation to make this thing right and tell people what is and what isn’t safe to eat. We are the USDA! Without us people would be eating dirt and chairs!”
  • “There have been malicious rumors started at this elementary school that my beautiful fiancee is a hobbit. That is not funny and it is not true. Yes, she is heavier than most of her pictures show her to be. Yes, she gets her hair lasered off her body and yes, she has a friend named Gandalf, who happens to be a wizard.”
  • “Kim Kardashian is a short overweight woman, who manipulates her image and makes average girls feel horrible about themselves… In real life, Kim Kardashian has the body of a hobbit.”
  • “So we have to ask ourselves, what’s more important? That the right man is elected president, or that Star Wars is with people who will protect it most?”

Details about South Park TV series

Season 1: 13 Episodes (August 13, 1997 – February 25, 1998) to

Season 20: 10 Episodes (September 14, 2016 – December 7, 2016)

20th season is live right now. It is very entertaining TV series and you will love it.

Now coming back to your question:

I assume you are here because you did not find South Park on Netflix.

Why isn’t South Park on Netflix?

Once upon a time, South Park was on Netflix. But Netflix removed it when the Viacom-Netflix deal was over.

Now, Viacom has made deals with Hulu and Amazon Prime for streaming this show. It means Netflix subscribers will not be able to stream this show for a long time.

One option you have is to rent the show from Netflix DVD service. All 19 seasons are available to rent for a monthly price of $4.99 a month.

Another option is to buy either a Hulu subscription or an Amazon Prime subscription. Here is the Wikipedia page of this series. What do you think about South Park series?

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