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Is The Expanse on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

The expanse is an American mystery-sci-fi-drama TV series on Syfy. It premiered on Syfy on December 14, 2015.

It is far better than Battlestar Galactica. Galactica wrapped itself in mythology and religion, but The Expanse has a universe disturbed by politics, economics and the brokenness of man.

To this date, this series has only 1 season and 10 episodes. The second season with 13-episodes will come out in January 2017.

Due to a latest Netflix & Syfy deal, fans have been asking: When will The Expanse be on Netflix?

About The Expanse Series

This series is set 200 years in the future. There are people living on Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt.

Miller is a police detective from the Belt and he is sent to find a missing young woman Julie. Someone conspires to start a war between these 3 worlds and is a threat to humanity. And, it must be stopped.

Starring in the series are

  • Thomas Jane (as Joe Miller)
  • Steven Strait (as Jim Holden)
  • Cas Anvar (as Alex Kamal)
  • Dominique Tipper (as Naomi Nagata)
  • Wes Chatham (as Amos Burton)

Awards Won by The Expanse Series

It is a new TV series and hence it is known by many people. This series has been nominated for only 3 awards mainly for its title design and sound editing.

Details about The Expanse TV series

Season 1: 10 Episodes (December 14, 2015 – February 2, 2016)

Season 2 will air in January 2017. Stay tuned!

Now coming back to your question:

I assume you are here because you did not find The Expanse on Netflix.

Latest News about The Expanse on Netflix

Netflix has bought the exclusive rights for this series internationally. It is a very good news for the fans.

You will be able to stream Season 1 on Netflix from November 3, 2016. This show will compel more people to buy Netflix subscription.

Is The Expanse on Netflix US?

No. Not available.

Is The Expanse on Netflix Canada?

Same as US. Not available for streaming.

Is The Expanse on Netflix UK?

Good news. You are lucky.

Is The Expanse on Netflix Australia?

Yes. It is available in Australia region.

The Wiki page of this series is here. Let us know if you like this series and about your favorite episodes.

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