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Top 30 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (2016 Edition)

A Ranked list of Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (December 2016)

*Updated 5 December 2016*

Looking for a great movie to watch on Netflix tonight? Netflix has a bijillion movies available on its platform!

Once you have been using Netflix for a while, it starts suggesting movies to you. Yet, it’s still often tough to find something worth watching.

We’ve all been there…

You decide to watch a movie. You spend hours browsing Netflix movies – to find something that fits your mood.

By the time you find something you think is ‘the one’, you are tired. You just note it down to watch it some other day.

On the other day your mood is different and you again start searching another movie.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t good movies on Netflix right now. There are!

It’s just that, there are so many movies but there is so little time.

Well, look no further! Here, at Cinema Tyrant, we have put together a list of some of the best films on Netflix right now!

Every other list on the internet is focused on movies more than their categories.

But we have made this list a little different. Every movie has been picked from a category.

If you love that category, click on a link and it will show you best movies of that category.

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This Netflix movie list is updated every week, to exclude the movies that left Netflix 🙁 and to include the new movies on Netflix 🙂

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It’s a lot easier than browsing Netflix. In fact, planning your weekend has never been this easier 🙂

Here are the 30 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now!

Action: Yip man (2008)Ip Man

Donnie Yen is one of those few martial artists that performs real world action in the movies. This movie is a live example of his hard-fist actions.

This story is based on the life of a legendary martial artist Ip man, who was the teacher of Bruce Lee.

The story is set in 1935 in Foshan, South China. He is a martial arts champion, but he keeps himself low profile.

During the Japanese invasion of China during World War II in 1937, he is forced to leave his home.

It is the story of how he survives, fights Japanese in their own competitions and eventually starts teaching others Wing Chun for self-defense.

Adventure: 180° South (2010)180 South

This movies is about Jeff who dreams to retrace the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. He comes across their footage in 1999.

In 2007, Jeff leaves everything behind to fulfill his dream. He set out to follow Chouinard’s route. His hope is to find unclimbed mountains and un-ridden waves.

He also meets Chouinard and Tompkins in a rainy hut where they were cooking the fish they had caught.

Their mission is to preserve the natural world. There is an unclimbed, unnamed peak that is part of a two-million acre preserve.

It’s a park that the two have created together. They have come to Patagonia to spend their fortunes protecting it.

Alien: The Fourth Kind (2009)The Fourth Kind

People are going missing for years, no one seems to find the exact answer.

Psychologist Abigail Emily Tyler lost her husband in a mysterious way. Now, she decides to continue her husband’s research with clients.

They all have got insomnia and amnesia after seeing a white owl. The white owl keeps watching them outside their windows for hours at a time.

She uses hypnosis with a client, he get nervous breakdown and violent attitudes with his discoveries, but he does not disclose what he has recalled.

When Tyler finds that she had also seen the owl, she gets disturbed. While all this time, police blames her and her hypnosis for all these events.

Anime: Expelled from Paradise (2014)Expelled from Paradise

Someone, who call themselves “Frontier Setter”, try to hack mainframe of cyber universe “DEVA”.

The council sends System Security Officer Angela Balzac to the Earth with a material body.

The earth is already ruined due to the Nano Hazard. Groups of Sandworms are now ruining the Earth’s surface.

Will she be able to stop “Frontier Setter”?

Boxing: Raging Bull (1980)Raging Bull

Jake LaMotta is a fighter, who steps into boxing ring and beats his opponent. He is angry, violent and jealous.

But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he becomes an angry time bomb, ready to blast at any moment.

This kind of attitude lead him to the top of the ring, but outside the ring it destroyed his life.

Car Racing: Drive (2011)Drive

This is a very good movie having a strong lead character. He has no name, hardly talks and connects with people.

He is mechanic (works for his only friend Shannon) and Hollywood stuntman in day and gateway driver for criminals in night.

One day, he helps his neighbor Irene, falls in love with her. His life is changed when he meets her husband.

Her husband has to pay the price of his protection in the jail. Driver tries to help him.

The plan doesn’t go as planned and now he has to protect Irene and her son from criminals.

Christian: The Encounter (2010)The Encounter

A road is closed, so 5 strangers who are having difficulties in their lives, stay at a restaurant.

The owner secretly reveals himself as Jesus. He tries to help each one of them.

Everyone listens to him and feels that they are born again. But, Nick has too pride to question his reality.

When the road opens he moves on. After some time when other people leave, they find that the road is closed again.

It was Nick who got a car accident and died there and then.

Crime: Looper (2012)Looper

In 2074, the time travel was invented. But it was outlawed immediately.

Criminals used time machine to send their opponents into past, which is the present of the movie. There a “looper” will kill him. Loopers were paid in silver for the work.

When criminals had to end a looper’s contract, they would send his older version back to be killed by his younger self. It is referred as “closing the loop”.

When a looper does this, he is paid in gold. And he can live the rest of his life in comfort.

Joe is one of those loopers. His older self is send back to close the loop, but old Joe knocks out young Joe.

There is a crime boss in future called Rainmaker. He single handedly took all criminals under his control within 6 months.

The rainmaker is child now. So old Joe sets path for young Joe to kill rainmaker. Will they be able to?

Dance: Step Up (2006)Step Up

Tyler Gage is a directionless young man.

He breaks in the Maryland School of Arts and destroys the stage. He is arrested and sentenced to community service in the school.

Nora Clark is a senior dancer at the school. When her partner Andrew breaks his leg in an accident, Tyler helps her rehearse temporarily.

Now, his perspective changes, he gets more serious about his life. He also wants to join the school as a dancer.

When Andrew returns, he gives up dancing and leaves Nora alone. Now, he has to decide to either follow his dream or return to his old life.

Dinosaur: The Good Dinosaur (2015)The Good Dinosaur

This movie takes us to an alternate world where the dinosaurs did not become extinct.

So in this world of Dinosaurs, an Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo is timid and silly.

A landslide kills his father and he befriends a human boy. Without his father he becomes more responsible.

While traveling, he confronts his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

Drama: Fight Club (1999)Fight Club

A person is suffering from insomnia. When he joins support groups of different diseases, he notices that he sleeps well.

A girl named Marla does the same thing. And, he is back to insomnia again. He meets Tyler Durden in a flight.

He and Tyler creates a fight club where they spit out their aggression and become calm. The concept catches attention and men from all over the country joins them. Franchises are opened in every city.

One day he realizes that fight club has turned into a terrorist organization. I can assure this movie will open your eyes about your consumer driven life.

Football: The Longest Yard (2005)The Longest Yard

Paul was a football superstar. He was the quarterback that everyone loved. Now he is in jail for driving drunk.

Warden Hazen requests him to form a football team of prisoners for a match against guards.

He recruits his new team and fights a match against guards. Will his team win?

French: Amelie (2001)amelie

Amelie is a shy girl. She has her dreams about her love life and hardly connects with other people.

Amelie helps a man and, after seeing his happiness, decides to help everyone around her. In the way she finds her own happiness and her long awaited love.

Funny: Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones is a lonely girl. She has her insecurities about age, weight, job etc. As a new year’s resolution, she decides to take control of her love life.

She starts it with keeping a diary where she will be truthful and record everything.

Now, she is flirting with her boss and finds a stranger attractive. What will she do? What are her choices?

Gangster: The Iceman (2012)The Iceman

This is a great gangster movie. It follows the life story of a man named Richard. He used to dub porn movies in a porn lab.

But he told his wife Deborah that he dubs Disney cartoons. When the lab was closed, he shifted his career to contract killing. The couple had two daughters.

He kept his professional and personal life separate. But, after a circumstance his identity is exposed and he is arrested in 1986, after committing 100+ murders.

Hindi: Singham (2011)Singham

Singham is an honest police officer. When a gangster Jaykant Shikre sends a duplicate to sign some government documents in place for him. He throws them out.

Angry Jaykant Shikre brings his team of criminals to Singham’s village. But he is outnumbered by the villagers, who are ready to fight for Singham.

To take his revenge, he gets Singham transferred to Goa. There he tries to threaten him. Everyone is corrupt in Goa and Singham nearly gives up.

But, he stands up again and beats Jaykant in his own game. Every policemen makes a choice where they stand. Ultimately, Jaykant is brought to Justice.

Historical: Argo (2012)Argo

In 1979, Iranian militants invaded American Embassy in Iran and took 66 out of 72 Americans to hostage.

6 of them escaped successfully and remained at the residence of Canadian Ambassador. After 2 months nothing has changed. Government has to bring their people back.

Tony Mendez is an infiltration expert. He rejects every suggested plan and comes out with his own plan.

He will go to Iran as a Canadian film producer and bring those 6 people back. Initially, everyone is skeptical, but finally approves it.

Will he be successful in his mission? Will he be able to save his people?

Horror: The Babadook (2014)The Babadook

Amelia and Samuel are living happily in their house. She reads books for her son every day before sleeping.

Samuel finds a strange book in his house one day. It is about a ‘Babadook’ monster that is hiding in their house.

Strange things starts to happen in their house. She feels the presence of the ghost. Now they are in terror.

Will they survive the monster? OR will the monster take control of them?

Karate: The Karate Kid (1984)The Karate Kid

Daniel has just changed his city. His mother has got a new job and new house here. He joins a new school. He meets a new girl there.

But, soon he is bullied by some guys. He talks his way out of some fights, but he can’t keep it too long.

Then he meets his mentor, Mr. Miyagi, who agrees to teach him Karate. Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel to follow every order he gives without questioning. He also arranges a tournament fight for Daniel.

In his training, Daniel doesn’t understand what he is ordered to do. Miyagi orders him to paint fences and wax cars rather than teaching him Karate.

Will he learn Karate and win the tournament?

Kids: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – (2003)Pirates of Caribbean

Elizabeth is the daughter of a governor. She has been captured by Captain Barbossa.

A blacksmith named William who loves her, teams up with pirate captain Jack Sparrow to find her.

Barbossa and his team of pirates are cursed to neither live nor die. They need someone’s blood to break free from the curse.

Who’s blood is it and will William find Elizabeth back?

Martial arts: Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)Ong bak the thai warrior

A businessman steals a holy statue of Buddha from a poor village. It was called Ong Bak. Every year villagers used to worship it to bring rain to their area.

Now villagers are sad. A young man Ting volunteers to bring the statue back.

He learnt Muay Thai from monks and they forbade him to use it in combat. He has to avoid the temptation to use it as he explores the underworld of Bangkok.

Will he get it back before the annual celebration begins?

Romantic: Warm Bodies (2013)Warm Bodies

It is a surprising romantic movie. A zombie falls in love with a human. All zombies are captured in a city surrounded by walls.

R also lives there. He admits he is zombie but don’t know how he ended up there. Julie with her friends enters the city to bring back some essential medicines and drugs.

R kills her boyfriend, but not her. He takes her back to his aero plane, where he lives. She tries to flee many times. Every time R saves her. Both of them develop feelings for each other’s.

But her father does not listen to her. Military is shooting all the zombies. Will their relationship survive?

Sci-Fi: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)Edge of Tomorrow

Aliens called Mimics have attacked the earth. They are unbeatable by any military force.

Major William Cage is a coward officer who has never seen a combat. He is forcedly dropped into this war. It is like suicide mission for him.

He accidently kills an alpha mimic. Its blood entered his body. It gets him into a time loop. Every time he dies, he wakes up to fight them all over again and again.

He tells it to Rita Vrataski. She experienced it herself in a war before. She gives him training. With dying every time, he increases his skills and is better able to survive.

Rita asks him to find Omega alien. Killing it will end the war forever. To keep himself into the time loop, Cage has to kill himself if he gets wounded.

Because if he is wounded and gets blood transfusion, this ability will be gone. Will they save the planet? If yes, will Rita be with him in this new world?

Sports: Goon (2011)Goon

Doug is a guy who doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. He is not genius who can become doctor OR does not have any talent.

Doug is good at the enforcement part of his job as a bouncer. A hockey coach offers him the job as an enforcer. But he does not know how to play ice hockey.

He is also falling for a girl Eva who is already in a relationship.

Doug just learns enough and is taken in the team. He sees it as his chance to something big. Will he be able to prove himself?

Spy: Mission Impossible (1996)Mission Impossible

Ethan Hunt is an Impossible Missions Force (IMF) agent. IMF is an unofficial branch of the CIA.

In a mission his whole team is dead except him. He is the lone survivor. He reports back to Kittridge (the CIA based director of IMF).

But instead Kittridge suspects him as the culprit for the failed mission. Ethan escapes from him using chewing-gum blast.

He determines to expose the real spy without the help of IMF. Will he be able to?

Thriller: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)Mad Max Fury Road

Max is a survivor in the world where humanity is fighting for necessities of life.

There are groups formed which fight against each other. There is shortage of water and petrol. Food is hardly grown anywhere.

There is an Immortan Joe who rules war boys. He calls himself messenger of the god. He has instilled in everyone’s mind that whoever dies for him will go to heaven. His war boys capture Max.

Furiosa was ordered to bring gasoline, but she diverts her path. She has also taken 5 beautiful wives of Joe with her. She is heading towards her birth place in search of freedom, food and water.

So, Joe with his war boys chases her. A war boy named Nux also goes with Joe. He is weak, so he takes his blood bank (Max) with him.

Will Furiosa reach her home land? Will Joe track her down?

Vampire: Underworld (2003)The Underworld

There is a war going on between Vampires and Lycans. They are killing each other silently.

Selene is one of those from vampire side. She is assigned to kill Lycans.

When she finds out that Lycans are after a human, she decides to investigate the situation.

In the process, she falls in love with him. Now she has to fight Lycans as well as Vampires to save her love. Will she succeed?

War: The Way Back (2010)The Way back

Janusz is accused of spying by Soviet Union. He is sentenced to 20 years of prison in a Siberian gulag.

He is ordered to work in mines. Janusz decides that the only chance to survive all these is to escape from the camp.

He with his prison companions escape the camp. They suffer several setbacks and yet continue their journey.

Many times the moral question pops up: When to leave someone behind and move on?

Finally, in 1941 three of them reach India after walking 4000 miles. Janusz finally meets her wife.

Wrestling: The Wrestler (2008)The Wrestler

Robin was a superstar wrestler in 80s. 20 years later, he is part-time grocery store employee and sometimes get some wrestling gigs.

He is taking control of his life. Robin is trying to reconnect with his daughter and has romantic feelings for a stripper.

He also has a chance back to his stardom, for which he has to fight his well-known opponent Ayatollah.

Will he continue his mediocre life OR return where everyone knows him?

Zombie: World War Z (2013)World War Z

Garry and his family is stuck in traffic and suddenly some bomb blasts occur. He sees his city hit by a mysterious infection which turns people into mindless zombies.

After escaping, he is asked to go on a mission to investigate the disease with a doctor. In the way, the doctor dies.

Now, it is upon him to find the answers about the disease before everyone dies. He goes through very scary situations. Are cures to diseases like this easy to find?

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