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Is Entourage on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia)

Entourage is an American comedy-drama TV series. The first season was premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004.

To this date, this series has 8 seasons and 96 episodes. This comedy series has created a large fan base and they have been enquiring: Is Entourage on Netflix?

About Entourage Series

Vince Chase is a suddenly risen film star. He discovers the high profile life of wealthy people and goes on a tour with his childhood friends.

Being with his friends, the job of his agents becomes difficult. Vince fire his agent and chooses his friend Eric as his manager and Ari as his agent. The comedy is fantastic.

Starring in the series are

  • Kevin Connolly (as Eric Murphy)
  • Adrian Grenier (as Vincent Chase)
  • Kevin Dillon (as Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase)
  • Jerry Ferrara (as Turtle)
  • Jeremy Piven (as Ari Gold)
  • Rex Lee (as Lloyd)
  • Perrey Reeves (as Mrs. Ari)

Awards Won by Entourage Series

This series has won many awards for its sound-mixing, directing, comedy, casting and writing. Entourage has won 1 Golden Globe award.

In total, the series has 14 award wins and 105 award nominations. It is also #183 Top rated TV show right now.

Hilarious Quotes from Entourage

  • “Well, my girl won her debate on Friday, my boy scored a goal on soccer on Saturday and my wife agreed to visit her mother without me. I don’t know how things could get much better!”
  • “I’ve been working steady for the past 12 years, minus the last three.”
  • “Call me Helen Keller because I’m a f***ing miracle worker!”
  • “You’re gonna have to work for it.” “I got into this business so I wouldn’t have to work.”
  • “Nobody appreciates their girlfriend until they get herpes from the next broad.”

Details about Entourage TV series

Season 1: 8 Episodes (July 18, 2004 – September 12, 2004)

Season 8: 8 Episodes (July 24, 2011 – September 11, 2011)

Let’s come back to your question:

I know you are here because you did not find Entourage on Netflix. Right?

Well, it is not your fault. This series is not available on Netflix.

Why isn’t Entourage on Netflix?

The case is similar to the case of Game of Thrones on Netflix. HBO owns Entourage series and it is a competitor of Netflix.

HBO will not license its content to its competitor. Who would? HBO would prefer that you log in to HBO Go rather than Netflix to watch HBO shows.

That is fair in the heated online streaming business right now. Here is the Wikipedia page of Entourage series. Most of the people who have watched this show loved it, what about you?

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